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i want to join a contest? Answered

i want to join a contest but on the bottom of the announcement there is a small notification: "Contest is open to entries from US and Canada (excluding Quebec), UK, and Australia"and I'm not from any of those countries. is contestant from other country are not allowed to join?




Best Answer 7 years ago

Officially, the site does not know where you are until you give them your contact details.

If you enter a contest, and you win, there is nothing stopping you giving the address of a friend in the US (etc) who can then forward the prize to you.

Alternatively, you can simply hope that your country is added to the "allowed" list by the time the contest ends (as I have done - I had a number of entries in the laser contest before the UK was allowed to win anything).

The Skinnerz

7 years ago

Chances are you can enter a contest, but cannot currently win, although I believe the people in charge are working on allowing more countries to enter. There should be a complete list of terms and conditions on one of the pages for the contest.