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i want to make a cat 5 to usb cable Answered

i want to make a cat 5 to usb cable



7 years ago

I'm guessing that you are dealing with a Touch Screen application?

I'm guessing that because it's what I'm doing.

I have a piece of proprietary hardware that uses a touchscreen monitor and the way that the touch interface communicates from the ELO interface of a capacitive plexiglass screen to the motherboard of the unit (also proprietary).

What I have done is ripped the monitor off of the POS system and I now want to hook it up to a PC (a fanless one at that) which doesn't have a COM port on it. I don't think they are using all 8 pins either. I need to figure out which ones are communicating and create a USB Type A (connects to the computer) on one end with an RJ45 (Connects to the Genesis controller for the monitor) on the other.

If there is no instructable for it, I'm probably going to be the one who creates it. If there is, I hope I find it before I reinvent the wheel.

FYI: this is just to build a prototype for functionality testing. If it works and I feel like pressing the issue, I'm going to work with the company to whom the proprietary information belongs. No IP theft at all going on here. I promise.


8 years ago

I'm not really sure what your trying to achieve but if its long distance you could use USB to CAT5 balun their a bit rare to find but they work really well and are good for about 50m.


9 years ago

I also want to do the same thing. Acutally i want to come up with a cable like, which will connect a USB Flash Drive/ Pen Drive to a PC with LAN cable(CAT 5).

The Lightning Stalker

10 years ago

What are you trying to do? USB and Ethernet are not pin compatible. You need a USB to Ethernet adapter. If you're trying to run USB over CAT5 cable, that won't work either unless it is shielded (STP, not UTP), in which case, you would have to make sure that the sheilds are connected together. Then it doesn't matter which wires you use as long as you are consistent.