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i want to make a hob that looks like this can anyone give me any ideas on how? Answered

i want to make this...

[http://powering.expertagent.co.uk/(S(gd5zug55gicb1omia5qkevir))/agencies/%7Bdb6ed9ab-e9d6-499f-ab1d-42e25c9a9476%7D/%7B7c85bb0a-8d27-46df-92b4-6f4cc32b4360%7D/main/detailbig-0.jpg nice hob]

i'm just not sure how,....

any help gratefully recieved!



10 years ago

That looks like the base burners you find for an outdoor barbeque type turkey fryer. The tubing that connects to the burners looks like some sort of rubber hose like in a lab. You might be able to find something like that at a restaurant supply place or appliance dealer. Restaurant supply places deal with commercial size gas burners/hobs that you have in mind. It has an industrial lab look to it but I as a cook would not want that in my kitchen. It may be easy to clean the mess under the setup by just moving the burner to the side but general safety concerns are these: The flexible hoses will need to be cared for. Fire code may not even allow a non-fixed burner that can flail about. The shutoff has to be reached by going over the flame or next to it. There is no stable grate for sliding pots and pans, a pot will have to be perfectly centered on the hob wings- and they look high- to be balanced. Please consider safety and useability if you do decide to install this. Good luck.