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i want to make a home made suana bath steam generator.please tell me how can i make my self or i need some equipment? Answered

i want to make a steam generator equipment to take a suana bath at my home...please tell what should i do
i have a limited budget..



7 years ago

We have a steam cooker, which, while it isn't big enough for what you want, may be a clue. There is a pot of water, with a small-ish heater in the centre. Surrounding that, and with a gap of ~10mm is a plastic shield, which is secured to the base of the pot. In the side of the shield is a little slot, through which water can flow.

The idea is that you only heat a small volume of water at once to generate steam, and can control the rate of production - something similar might work for you, if you just want steam generation.

The traditional method involves heating rocks up, and dripping water on them if I remember correctly.

This is modified by uisng high quality electric heaters, with adequate protection for shock, with the rocks on top. When the rocks are hot, you drip water on them.



Answer 7 years ago

+1 We have a stone steam furnace for our unbuilt sauna. For safetys sake I'd recommend getting a commercial (read: safety standards passed) heater.


7 years ago

Here is my Suana, Bath, Shower, Generator and Controls for a fully rock
enclosed room including ceiling.
  • First pic, is the outside wall hung steam generator.
  • Second pic, is the inside steam orifice.
  • Third pic, is the temperature controller and a shower head.
  • Last pic, is the outside start / stop button.