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i want to make an FM antenna for my house Answered


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Quercus austrina
Quercus austrina

9 years ago

I am going to point you toward another discussion on antennae. This discussion was for cell phones, but the links and construction are universal. Read the discussion and look at the links, paying attention to the first one about the simple design guide and the 4th one called N3DNO's antenna calculator. Use the calculator and put in the center frequency of the FM dial, 100 will work fine.

The simplest to build would be 1/4 WAVE antenna - just a single element standing straight up in the air and connected to one side of your FM antenna connector (the other side of the connector would be connected to earth ground).

The next easiest would be the DIPOLE. Basically you take a piece of 2 conductor wire such as speaker wire or zip cord (zip cord is the stuff most cheap extension cords are made of). Cut it to length with a little extra so you can strip some of the covering off the ends and connect the exposed ends together. Now cut one (1) of the wires in the exact middle and strip a small amount of the covering off the wire and connect your "feed" wire to these 2 ends and plug that into your FM antenna connectors.

The only other one you might want to try would be a YAGI. The design guide has a link at the top of the of it's page that shows you how to build one, though you could shorten it to 3 elements as listed in the calculator. The way you connect the feed wire to the driven element there is the sane as in the DIPOLE listed above. As a matter of fact, a YAGI is just a DIPOLE with director elements and a reflector element surrounding it.

Good luck on your build. Remember, be safe.