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i want to make an android game - need some ideas Answered

i want to make an android game.. i need some ideas.. maybe if we end up making money we can share the profits..


Snouty Creations

4 years ago

-Start small.

-Emphasize 1 or 2 features in your game, make your game unique & standout.

-Focus your game to a smaller niche.

-Learn game coding. If you're not so good at programming, I recommend Construct 2 or ClickTeam Fusion 2.5. They have intuitively easy to begin with. (only for 2D game development)

-If you want to make 3D game, Unity is the popular choice.

-Make the game cater to your skills.

-Polish-polish-polish your game.

-Most android users play free games, unless your upcoming game is well-known due to extended promotions in social medias and gamer sites, and also content-heavy with quality that worth some money.

Hope this helps.


4 years ago

i have an idea........!

it's like the Game Dota!

but in a much handy game for android!

Since there are so many dota players (just like me), this game would be

a phenomenal you'll see!

Just contact me on FB.... Hunter Yapching.....

Plssss reply......!