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i want to make low rpm less torque 1kw generator or alternator? Answered

can someone please tell me that how to make 1kw low rpm generator or alternator , please tell me the specs of  generator or alternator which is easy to build and takes low rpm for power generation actually i want to make a generator or alternator which needs less torque and rpm , so please tell me the specs for making low rpm less torque generator or alternator specs like how much magnets do i need shape , quantity , grade of a magnet , rpm of a magnet , torque  , gauge of a copper wire , turns of a copper wire , quantity of copper coils , distance between copper coil and magnets etc ( i want rpm of a 1kw generator or alternator  to be 80 -100 rpm )


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5 years ago

You can calculate for yourself, assuming say 50% efficiency, what torque you will need at that RPM to get the power you want. The lower the speed the higher the torque needed.