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i want to make some jewelery flowers with coloured leds. how can i do this?, i can solder and follow simple diagrams. Answered

I had basic electronic skills years ago but now i have lost it all. So i can pick up on simple diagrams etc. I have tools for normal and silver soldering and have precious metal clay somewhere and sheet silver. I want to make flowers with coloured leds in the center but have no idea how to assemble or even power such a thing.


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11 years ago

you will need tiny button cell batteries to power them an an appropiate resistor for the color of led you have!!! surface mount devices will make your jewellery smaller and neater but will be harder to construct!!! to calculate the resistance you can use one of the resistor calculators avadiable on the web!!! if you dont choose smd leds then 2mm ones would be good though you can use any size you want!!! you could assemble it on some stripboard then encapsulate the circuit in a non heat curing substance like epoxy( you can color it with a small amount of acyrlic paint to make it look nice!!! here is a typical list of materials: leds of your choice. button cell battery choice resistors of the needed values wire small spst ( single pole single throw ) switch solder epxoy resin acyrlic paint all your normal jewelery making stuff stripboard button cell battery this is just a rough guide and you can customise it to suit your needs!!! hope this helped!!! ps: you can also search instructables to help yourself!!! cm