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i want to use me WD My Passport 320gb external hard drive on my xbox 360 so i can put my games off the disk onto it Answered

i tried making multiple partitions of 15.9gb each since thats all the xbox will allow me to format up to but it completely formats the hard drive and gets rid of the other partitions then formats it, is there a way to lock these partitions to keep the xbox 360 from removing them and making a new one? i dont care if i have to use a hacker program to make this work, im not much into the dont do this dont do that on hardware and whatnot. please help. btw i only have a 20gb xbox hard drive =/ 14.3gb of useable space after formatting .. kidnda stupid, they should compensate for the formatting at make it where you GET 20gb not 14.3. also like my 1tb hard drive it says on the outside 1000gb but its only 932gb.. anyway thats irrelivant. PLEASE HELP!!


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Best Answer 10 years ago

You need a hacked xbox to begin with - then you need a loader program to tell the xbox to look at the hdd instead of the odd.

You'll have to search the intertubes on tutorials because I won't discuss piracy-like requests here.