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i was tCan anybody help me.. Answered

i was terminated by wal-mart and i appied at a temp. agency that offered me two job's though they want a letter saying i didnt get fired but laid off or they wont be able to hire me at all..does anyone know how to do a fake letter but that it looks real?



10 years ago

You can reasonably ask for a letter from the evil capitalist basts' with regards to your termination of contract. If that isn't what you want, a mock-up can be achieved by copying the style & layout and maybe lifting some images off the internet. But do consider this: Is your future employer going to check your paperwork? Faking it is useless if they will. L


Answer 10 years ago

Lemonie is right, they're most likely going to check your paperwork. The main reason they want the letter is usually so they know who to call at Walmart to talk about you.


10 years ago

Can you go back to you old supervisor and ask for a "generic" letter? Or were the reasons significant enough that that is out of the question? I've written a couple of letters for persons who I had to fire and would not consider rehiring and stated that they were terminated for "difference of philosophy" but that they were trustworthy hardworking etc. I've asked for a letters of recommendation before and found that it was a good idea to write the letter as I would like it written and give that to them as a suggestion. That way they knew exactly what I needed from them and they didn't have to spend the time coming up with the letter. If you write an example make it as short a possible and still answer the question the temp agency wants. Good luck with this.