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i wish to create a life statue/mannequin for my final art project how would i go about doing this ? Answered

i wish to create a life statue/mannequin for my final art project, i had the initial idea of using a manneqin torso and then creating legs/arm/head etc, anyone have any better ideas ? cheers


sniper shot

9 years ago

Why don't you get a female friend and get some casting supplies and make a mold of her then when you have the cast,fill it with melted plastic and then take the mold off and voila!you have a mannequin


10 years ago

depending on what you want, I have used chicken wire and covered a wood or metal armature in the pose I want, then dressed it up in clothes, then painted several coats of Fiberglass resin. I used plaster molds for face and hands. Stick a piece of all thread in the ends of the hands, and neck, or a piece of wood to screw to the frame. You can assemble everything, then coat it with the 2 part fiberglass resin. 2 three times, and get something good. Using Fiberglass matte, in my opinion, is highly avoidable. you'll be very itchy! another option is to cover the wire frame with Paper Mache, chicken wire will stick out in places. or you could even buy a lot of elmer's Glue, mix it with water, dip fabric strips in it, and get something a little stronger. Mice like to eat paper mache, because of the flour and water glue mix. there are a million ways to come up with a figure. I've even used bondo so I can sand in some details.