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i would like to know how to make a coke can baseball cap, does anyone have a pattern to go by? Answered


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8 years ago

I am looking for the pattern to but as there seems to be a lack of one on the internet I would say just purchase a dollar store cap and copy that. You can make the pattern out of newspaper or if you have never done that before...just cut the thread at the seams and use the pieces as a pattern.

I plan to glue my pieces on a fun foam liner to make the edges less likely to be sharp and to add some strength as coke cans are really really thin. I know that you can cut them with scissors and I am pretty sure you can use a plain hole punch to make the holes for the laces. They have punches that make smaller holes for scrapbooking too. You could even use grommets on the holes to make them less likely to cut the cords.

Don't forget to make some vent holes too as this is NOT going to breath much through the laces....