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i would like to know is there way to make SATA/IDE To USB2.0 Adapter? Answered

i have this old dvd burner and i would like to hock it to my laptop so i find this SATA/IDE To USB2.0 Adapter but because i dont live in USA i cant order it for my countrie that is why i would like to know if some one knows how to make one i see this adapter on this site http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812232002&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10446076&PID=3640576&SID=skim525X832X894816c731127cf574fc7d32f8282805 thanks



8 years ago

I use one exactly like the one you link.
A DIY one would not be practicable to build, but there must be something available where you are.  Do you have eBay?  Which country are you in?


8 years ago

THat adapter has some circuitry in it to make the conversion. IDE is parallel and usb is serial so atleast there is some circuitry to convert back and forth between parellel and serial and something to control that.