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i would like to make electric bike please guide me in a right way........? Answered

Tags:Remove the appropriate wheelfront or rear depending on your conversion kitfrom your bikeMost wheels come complete and ready to gobut if the wheel for your conversion kit didnt come with a tire and tubedeflate the tube on your old wheeland use the tire levers to remove the tireTake the tire and tube and install them on the new electricassist wheel2 Install the electricassist wheel on your bikeIf your tire has a directional tread patternmake sure the wheel is installed appropriatelyLook for an arrow graphic on the sidewall to indicate the correct tread orientationTo reverse its directionsimply flip the wheel around so the tread points the right wayWith the wheel in placetighten the axle nuts to secure the wheel to the fork or rear drop outsSponsored Links Diagram Free Video Converter Diagram Start Download! wwwDonwloadpconvertercom 3 Install the battery packSome kitsfor exampleBionxcome with a battery that attaches to the bikes down tube water bottle mountMany use a bag strapped to the rear rackwhile others have a dedicated rear rack with the battery sliding into a mounting slot either beneath the top deck of the rack or along the sideYour conversion kit will indicate which style you have purchasedIf you need to install a rear rack to hold the batterybegin by loosely attaching the struts to the bottom of the framedont tighten the bolts all the wayThen attach the rack to the seat stays using either predrilledthreaded mounts on the seat stays or the brackets that are included with your rackWith all four bolts attachedmake sure the rack is level by sliding the rack forward or backward along the mounting arms underneath the front of the rackTighten all the bolts to secure the rack in place4 Attach the motor controller to the righthand handlebar of your bikeMake sure it is inboard of your shifter and brake levers so that you can brake and shift gears safelyA thumboperated throttle can usually be installed without taking off the gripIf you are installing a twist throttleyou may need to remove your handlebar gripIf its necessary to remove the griptwist it back and forth to work it off the handlebarTo speed up the processlift the lip and squirt some WD40 or isopropyl alcohol under the grip to make is slide more easilybut be sure to wipe the handlebar dry before remounting the gripIf you bike haslockongripssimply loosen the Allen keys that clamp the entire grip to the handlebar and slide it offPosition the controller and throttle so they are easy to reach andor readTighten the clamping bolts holding the units in place5 Attach the wiring harness terminals connecting the motor controllerbattery and motorUse the zip ties to secure the wires along the bike frame and make sure there is no slack in the harness that could interfere with braking or get caught in the spokes6 Charge your batteryWhen its fully chargedinstall it in the supplied rack or carrying bagDouble check your wheel to ensure the nuts securing the axle to the front fork or rear dropout are tightenedMake sure you have reattached the brake cablesTest your brakesand in the case of a rear hub motor make sure your rear derailleur is shifting smoothlyDouble check the wiring harness and ensure there are no loose wires or excess cable that could be caught in your wheels and chain or restrict the handlebars from turning7 Test ride your new electricassist bikePractice braking and make sure your brakes are in good working order to handle the additional weight and increased speedStart with short trips or have a backup plan in case you overestimate the range capabilities of the batterySponsored Links OpalRT Technologieswwwopalrtcom Electric Motor Drive and Controller TestingSimulation and ServicesElectric Motor Transaxleswwwasidrivescom Transaxles for motorizing machines or for small electric vehicles Brushless Motorswwwalliedmotioncom TorqueservoBLDC10800mm Contact us for custom motor needs Pedal for Electricitywwweconvergencenetelectrohtm The PedalAWatt generator allows you to pedal and create electricity Tips & Warnings Rear hub motors are good for people who want to be able to remove their front wheel and lock it to the frame when they arent ridingBuy as much battery power as you can affordYou may choose a bigger battery or a second unitbut having additional power equals peace of mind and confidence that you wont have to rely on pedal power alone when you run out of juiceIf you need to recharge your battery at workbuy a second charger unitThey are one of the more delicate pieces of the electricassist bike componentry and carrying it back and forth from home to work can damage itThey are also relatively heavyYoull be happier if you dont have to lug a single unit back and forth from home to workThere are a variety of restrictions and rules regarding electricassist bikesEuropeAsiaAustraliaNew Zealandthe United States and Canada have differing limits on powertop speed and motor controllersBe sure your kit will be legal in your areaMost kits will specify the countries where they are street legalAlso check the rules regarding bike paths in your areaSome paths forbid motorized vehicles entirelywhile others will allow bikes and scooters with electricassistRead moreHow to Install an Electric Motor on a BicycleeHowcom httpwwwehowcomhow_7555146_installelectricmotorbicyclehtmlixzz1zbyABxX4


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8 years ago

thats a great instructable i am in the process of obtaining materials to try that, but one thing you could try is looking up the idea of running a motor off of a generator that is being powered by the motor, i know seems like it wont work, then using the extra energy to power your bike