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i would like to start making wax bullets but i dont know how what sort of wax would i use? what sort of mould ? Answered

im only young so i am new to this but im not using a gun for this im using a catapult



Best Answer 10 years ago

For a catapult the dimensions don't matter that much. You could buy a box of crayons and cut them up. I guess that you'll be aiming at something hard? The coloured wax will leave a mark where you hit. If you want to melt candles - be careful because wax has a habit of making a mess of things... Put candles in a clean and empty can, heat that in a saucepan with a little bit of water, gently and slowly. You can pour a bit out into a container that is of little importance to you - it'll start setting pretty quickly. Pick it up and make into a ball/balls with your fingers. !This is based on the method of not getting it any hotter than boiling water! L


10 years ago

Use old crayons then melt them then use a BB similar mold and let dry.