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iPod Cassette Adapter Help? Answered

Hey so I used to use a $30 Dynex Cassette adapter to play my iPod in my tape deck. My deck is a Pioneer KEH-P1010. Anyway, it was a real pain to get it going at first, but then it worked perfectly. I broke the adapter and so I decided to buy a cheap-o $5 "iWorld Cassette Adapter". The three instructions are (literally):

1 - Place the cassette into your car's cassette player.
2 - Insert the audio plug into your iPod®/MP3's headphone jack.
3 - Press play and enjoy your music.

Sounds simple enough, right?

I've tried it numerous times with my iPod Touch 64gb (same iPod as with the previous adapter) along with my mom's iPod Nano (the newer generation from last year), putting the cassette in both ways (text facing up and down). Each time I try, I can hear the deck spinning as it tries to read the cassette (with a "(---)" flashing on the display), but it always kicks back to the radio. Any thoughts on why this happens or how I can get it to work? A friend of mine had bought the same model (from the same store) and said it worked great (hence my purchasing of it), so I'm sure it should work on some level.



9 years ago

I think you've just found out why the replacement was so cheap.

Some cassette players really don't like most of these adapters. I'm guessing that this is because they monitor the rotation of the tape hubs, and these don't link the rotation of the two hubs or provide the correct amount of resistance.

I'd suggest trying a better adapter -- preferably, buying it from a store that will let you take it out to the parking lot to try it, and then return it if it doesn't work.