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iPod Touch 3G updated to the iOS 5 Beta 1 Touch Screen Won't work? Answered

I have upgraded my iPod to the iOS 5 Beta 1 and for the first day it was fine until the touchscreen stopped working.  Should  I downgrade?



Best Answer 8 years ago

First thing to try is rolling it back. Hope that it didn't somehow get damaged. Beta programs are experimental so you never know. One thing to be sure to do is contact the beta developer and tell them about the problem. It's how they learn about the problems.


Answer 8 years ago

+1: Contact the developers. The point of beta programs is to give customers a chance to test the software and flush out any bugs before it goes into production. That needs you to tell them about the bug you found, or it doesn't work.

They will also be the ones who know whether there's an easy way to reset this without downgrading, in case you want to continue testing.

Note that this also means that unless you are willing to do that sort of testing and feedback -- and are willing to accept that you may run into bugs and work with the developers to solve them -- you really shouldn't run beta software. If they were sure it was reliable, it wouldn't be a beta!


8 years ago

Hi guys. I have the same problem as above. iPod Touch 3G, 32 gig and restored to iOS 5. Unfortunately, I don't have a UDID slot and have to pay to unlock it. Anyone know
where to get a free UDID registration.