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iPod Touch Rail Mount Answered


I got a Roland V-Drum kit last year and there's an aux input for mp3 players. I use it with my iPod touch to play along with songs.

My problem is, I rest my iPod on the control module and not only does this then block half the controls, but it sometimes falls off with furious drumming.

So I though to myself, I wonder if I can buy a rail mount so I can have a cradel attatched to the stand. I knew you could buy motorbike iPod cradels, but all of these weren't wide enough to accomidate the 35-40mm diameter of the stand. So I thought about making one.

But I can't come up with any ideas.

The stand I have is this:
(not the drums though... I wish)

The rail mounts I have been looking at are like this:

Any ideas guys?


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