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iPod Answered

i have a problem...i want to charge my ipod with some batteries, but playing music while charging. is this possible? another question...firewire is faster (what the volt and the ampere?) than usb to charge ipod? thx


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13 years ago

of course its possible! it'd be kinda silly if it wasnt.... :D it would work just the same as if you were charging from your computer or from a wall charger/dock. Theres a number of ways of going about getting a battery charger for your iPod. 1) Apple.com has some for sale, as does your local Apple Shop. 2) Ebay. "iPod Battery Charger" - Have bought one myself. works great. gets about two hours audio from 2 AA batteries. 3) You can make one yourself. Can be extremely simple, from just a couple batteries and a usb plug, to the iPod dock connector with a fancy case and some ingenious circuit work.... which every way you go. you can still listen to music from your iPod as well as charging it.