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idea for a cheap graphics tablet Answered

i thought of an idea for a cheap graphics tablet type device

first read these 2 pages
cathode ray timing
light pen

the idea is to find a way to rig up a light pen(i don't think they sell them any more) and to use a cheap 5in b/w tv as the surface or mount a crt monitor in a cabinet at a drawing desk angle

please give me feed back


the problem is all those have been done before and i want to do something new (or revive something old i guess)


11 years ago

I want to combine a laser and a projector to do it. I've seen things where webcams and lasers have been used as mice, but I can't find any now (anyone know of something for mac?)

if you read the pages you will notice that lcds don't work it would probably need a photo resistor and a micro controler

you can do that if you want but i don't have a web cam or a laser but i do have an old 5in CRT plus in order for it to be a graphics tablet it needs to be able to sense pressure that can easily be incorporated into the pen part (though it would be a pretty big pen)