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ideas for modding a tent? Answered

i am going try to mod my tent. if anyone has a idea let me know


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11 years ago

Depending on what type of tent you have, some possibiles:

1. Replace folding fiberglass poles with "leave-in" roll-up poles.  Some tents have these. You just loop the poles into small coils, making a flat tent-disk.  Setup is great: just let the mess flop open!

2. Fully waterproof tarp bottom.  Add extra to go up the sides about 6in to help stop running water from entering during rain storms.

3. Upgrade the stakes and guide ropes.

4. Add storage pockets, add pockets specific for equipment (flashlights, iPod, ...) 

5. Add a stow-"hammock" basically a mesh shelf that hangs along the tent spine and you can put sleeping bag in during day (keeping it cleaner) and clothes at night (keeping them ready-er).

6. Add vestibule.

7. I have never seen a nice way to store muddy camp shoes, yet I still hope that a solution will be invented.

8. Improve the waterproofing, seals, fabrics, ...

9. Make a custom bag for the tent and related gear (which could expand to include stake-hammer, repair kit, ...)

10.  Would a solar-powered CPU fan be too much?  Just a little breeze on really tepid nights may be really nice...

11. How about incorporating a solar-charging station.  Plug your night electronics (flashlight, lantern, ...) during the day and have full batteries at night.


11 years ago

 I saw a mod in a movie where they cut off the top of the tent and installed an acrylic pyramid