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i'm making a spartan suit. what could i use instead of expensive plastic to fill some of the parts? Answered

I'm making a hayabusa suit with the shutter shoulders and everything and i want to fill them with something but Styrofoam is way too light. everything is already coated with fiberglass resin inside and out. the plastic at michaels is $30 and i was hoping there would be something cheaper or free that i could use to fill the parts instead.also, where could i get some really thick foam? the kind they package the new xbox's in.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Thick foam: Plastic insulation foam sheets are pretty rigid and I believe they can be carved reasonably easily. You can get them about an inch to two inches thick.

(The stuff has a number of interesting "off label" uses.)


8 years ago

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but have you considered cardboard as fill? It's quite sturdy (and heavier) when it's stacked together. Take a look at one of my recent instructables, you can see that it's easily strong enough for me to stand on (I weigh about 215 lbs.).  There are also a lot of costuming ibles that utilize cardboard around the site (iron man comes to mind).


Answer 8 years ago

i have all of the parts to the suit made and the shoulders are just about the only things that are completely enclosed. they're about half an inch thick and cardboard would just not be heavy enough.