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im on ur internets, rating sum ur FLASH GAMES oota five Answered


Some flash game reviews, in no particular order. I think. Well, the order of which they are listed on [albinoblacksheep.com AlbinoBlackSheep.com], which most or all of them are on. They are rated out of five, with a short description and category. All have links to the games.

Rating description

+ 5/5 - 1337
+ 4/5 - w00t-ish
+ 3/5 - Not just mediocre, mediocre for you!
+ 2/5 - Lame-ish
+ 1/5 - Jack Thompson

Enjoy som ur flash gamez.

Save the Sheep - 2/5 - Action
> Control a sheep's horizontal movement across the ground
> Catch falling sheep
> Get powerups
> Avoid falling evil sheep or you die
- Very generic, boring and pointless

Virus - 3/5 - Action
> Guide virus ball around screen by clicking
> Get specified number of points by staying alive
> Get more points faster by staying in the center of the screen
> Avoid white blood cells and other enemies, many varying enemy types
+ Fun time-waster, not much depth though

Orb - 1/5 - Animator's Lazy Sunday Project
> Collect orbs by guiding your orb "character thing" around with mouse
> Click to send out small circle "explosion" to collect all orbs in explosion
- No point to this game. You can't lose, you just collect the orbs. Gets boring very fast

Spank the Monkey - NA - Dumb fun
> Spank the monkey by dragging the hand with your mouse
+ This one is pretty dumb but it's an old classic, to me anyway. Try dragging the hand slowly to the right edge of the game screen and circling around to the left edge and bringing your mouse back in to the game screen

Fly the Copter - 4/5 - Action
> Hold left mouse button to make helicopter go up
> Dodge walls by navigating helicopter
+ Very addicting, also an old classic. According to the creator's site, his record is 2148. Try and beat it

Curveball - 3/5 - Action
> Use mouse to control 3D-ish ping pong type paddle
> Make the ball curve by moving the paddle when you hit it
- Terrible AI makes volleys non-existent
+ This game is fun but would be a lot better if the computer was a better player

The Missile Game 3D - 4/5 - Action
> 3D-ish flight type thing, guide your "viewpoint" through holes in the wall while you fly through a tunnel
> Speeds up as game progresses
> This game is pretty freaky, I had to stop because flying into walls and exploding is not something i'm used to, you gotta see it for yourself. Pretty fun



13 years ago

How should I order the games? Rating? Alphabetic?


13 years ago

the choper game rules, I have spent so many hours on that game during research time at school. Also ski stunt simulator is a great game to waste time on.

Easy Button
Easy Button

13 years ago

lol some of these games suck but some are ok