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i'm trying to get wire (preferably brass) with a groove in it, 14 gauge or so. Drawplates are too pricey. Answered

I need grooved wire for a textile project. Velvet can be made by putting grooved wire into certain spots in the weave. This holds little loops of thread above the rest of the fabric. Later you can run a razor along the grove to cut the wire free and create the pile for the velvet. But i am having a terrible time finding wire with a groove in it. I'd like it about 14 gauge, but a wide variety cuold work. Drawplates are too expensive although this one (http://www.progresstool.com/pd-die-plate-round-wslot-grooves.cfm) is perfect. Any idea how to make it on the cheap or cannibalize something with the right specs?



9 years ago

Maybe use non-grooved wire and then cut the loops with a fabric shaver?


10 years ago

Re-word the question. You need a long form that you can make a thread loop over with a guide to cut along. How about a 'V' of metal with the edge smoothed so it doesn't cut the thread? How about using two thinner wires (look for piano wire or hardened wire for remote control models) and controlling the depth of the blade? Or putting the blade on the end of the wire and drawing it threw, the blade cutting the thread as it is withdrawn? Two 'D' or half round wires the right size? How about using insulated building wire with an outside diameter that you want and having the blade cut into the insulation? Plastic rod? There are wire feed plastic welders that use a plastic 'wire' you might be able to use. And a drawplate for that would be cheaper. "Drawplates are too pricey" then make your own. Drill a hole in a piece of harden-able steel and opening it up carefully to the right size with a jeweler's saw? The top doesn't have to be round, it just has to hold the wire up against a 'V' or 'U' that cuts a grove in the wire. Probably want an expert to harden this one : ) Otherwise, have a cutting blade pressed into a hole that the wire passes threw-don't forget clearance for the metal you are removing.