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im using windows 7 on my laptop and trying to connect it to my xbox 360 however it wont find the network. Answered

im using the xbox ethernet cable to hook it up  to my laptop. i cant seem to find a way to do it right. no matter what ive tried it just wont work.



7 years ago

i don't know if you found your solution, but if you haven't, here's how to do it.

go to network and sharing center,
on the left side change adapter settings,
right click your wireless adapter,
and hit properties at the bottom,
go to sharing at the top,
and check the boxes,
make sure under the first checkbox your ethernet is selected,
then press ok,
now plug your ethernet cable into your xbox and computer,
go to your settings on your xbox,
scan for a network,
and it should say you're online.

this setup is great, because if you use media player to share your media to the 360, you can play your videos, music, and show pics through your tv.

hope this helps


9 years ago

can som1 please help?


Answer 9 years ago

so far what ive done is going to the network and sharing center and attempted changing option by merging network, enabling the wire for the xbox and the only issue so far is it wont reckonize the networ.. otherwise i think i could get it working. i also tried windows help...and found the information more or less useless. im just using the cable to connect it to the laptop bc i dnt have the 80 dollars to buy a wireless usb thing for the xbox


Answer 9 years ago

oh and ty for the link but i have windos 7 not exp/vista