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in addition to my RFID chess board Q, i'd also like to know if anyone has a source for LCD clock faces.? Answered

thing is, i'm an old school blitz player and i know a lot of others are as well. digital chess clocks are cool, but there is something cold about a seven segment display.

also the chronos clocks are super expensive.

we like the look and feel of analogue clocks, but like the accuracy of digital.

i mean the ultimate for me would be to have a clock with a stepper motor and control it directly, but that's out of my realm right now.

what i'm looking for is a lcd clock face that has the look of an analogue clock. like the image included.

this way i could have the best of both worlds, a countdown timer with an analogue face. plus it would make for a great kit.



10 years ago

May I recommend sequences of LED's for the fake-analog but still digital look?

I had a wristwatch with the lcd you are referring to - but I've never seen it as a part.  I'd just fab my own out of tonnes of leds and a custom pcb.


Answer 10 years ago

you know, i never thought of that, i got stuck on finding the lcd face and kinda stuck with that.

an array of leds would work, but the drawback is i lose the classic look of a traditional clock face

thanks tons tho!