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increase USB charger current Answered

Hi folks, 

I have built myself a DIY mintyboost USB charger.

I am using a 3.7v 4000mah battery 
Lipo charge controller 
Dc/Dc 3v to 5v 1am boost circuit 

I am looking for ways to increase my charging rate, my phone will often display a charging light when it is actually discharging. 
I have used several diodes between the components 1n5817 diode (lowest voltage drop i could find)

Would installing a transister be able to boost my mA? if so what one.

I use my charger for my android, go pro and other 3.7v battery devices.


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7 years ago

If you're using the mintyboost circuit, the regulator is the limiting factor. The LT1302 is only rated to 600mA. You can always redesign it around another switching chip.


Answer 7 years ago

and remember to add resistors on the data pins to tell the device how much current it is allowed to draw.