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individually addressable led DECORA switch Answered

Greetings collective Instructables genius,

Here's the deal, I have a kitchen,  I also have several strips of individually addressable LED's powered by the same supply.  I like the led's, I really the fade between teal and blue as it gives the impression that you're underwater.  At any rate, having anything other than a decora sized switch is out of the question.  I don't need another remote, or some box with switches on it to control the LEDs.  I'd really like a switch that can be mounted in a single gang electrical box, that can be covered by a decora faceplate.  I have a media cabinet where the power supply for the LED's is housed, and the switch can run to the supply in the cabinet.  I need at least 4 programs (like the underwater effect), though 8 would be ideal.  Any thoughts on how to approach this?  I'd spend upwards of $80 for a finished product.   Any input is appreciated.  Thank you



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3 years ago

Not quite sure on your skill sets...
You can get IR remotes for these cheap LED strips, good for 2A per channel and 12V.
Some are basic, some with 3 user buttons for personal light settings.
You could get or make a 3V power supply for the remote and use a fibre optics wire to get the light to your power supply with the controller.
The face cover you would need to custom make to hold the remote and only leave the power and user buttons accessible.

Other option would be to use some relays and fixed resistors to do the trick.
Plus of course multiple wires running from the switches to the relays.
A little Arduino and wifi modules could do the same and depending on your skills fully adjustable.