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induction "furnace" from microwave transformer? Answered

Hey guys
I've seen around the net that it's fairly easy to make a spot welder from a micro wave transformer /micro oven transformer.
So I was thinking if it's possibly to use the same idea to make a induction furnace?

I would like to use it for melting/ casting aluminum (...and possibly metals with a higher melting point... if possible)

any idea if it's possible.. and how to?



2 years ago

This might be dead, but I'm thinking that there's no reason why this shouldn't work in theory. Despite what steve says below, induction heaters don't need to run at extremely high frequency. Frequency (among other things) helps determine the depth of heating caused by the skin effect on the part. Frequency is inversely related to depth of heating, and 50-60 hz (mains frequency) is actually recommended for some applications. The transformers in induction heaters aren't any exotic material either. They are likely water cooled, but I suspect that this will only be necessary on the secondary side. I think the biggest problem is that you're likely to blow the breakers from drawing too much current every time you hook it up, although you could use the MOT welder technique of several transformers in series, each on it's own breaker to increase the power.


6 years ago

ok, I'll try to look for it :)
is there another way i can use the MOT (micro oven transformer) for melting aluminum.
ive seen: "the metal melter" instructable/ video; https://www.instructables.com/id/METAL-MELTER/

and thought I might be able to use the same idea...

I was thinking I maybe could connect both electrodes/ wires (+ and -)
to each end of the aluminum "bar" and it would melt. And then "just" put both electrodes/ wires down into the molten aluminum and it would produce heat enough to melt other parts of aluminum plunged into the aluminum that is already molten at that point?...

what do you think of that idea?


Answer 6 years ago

Try this: http://www.abiscus.com/HV/InductionHeater/InductionHeater.htm


6 years ago

No, an induction furnace is operated at very high frequencies - and their transformers are made of exotic materials that can handle them.

There is an excellent instructable on induction heating, if you search for it.