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inspection vehicle Answered

Hi everyone!
I'm new here and I come from Belgium (so my english is bad )

I'm working on a school project with 5 people. 2 of them are electrical installation
technicians and 3 are Mechanical design technicians.
We do all of the electronics, while the housing is made by the Mechanical design technicians.
We started on the first of oktober and now we almost finished.
The vehicle has a Wild Thumper arduino board, Dension WIRC with 2 camcorders and a wifi stick, 2 LED's, a servo motor and 2 DSMP420 motors with a power of 41W.
Thanks to my thesis, I started to have interest for arduino. And so I bought a lot of arduino products like the arduino UNO.
And thanks to the opensource of arduino I learned a lot of arduino and tryed a lot of projects.
So that’s why I'm also putting my project online. It isn't finished because I still have some problems with the charging of the battery's.
I use 10x1.2V battery's with 4.5 Ah in series. And the Wild Thumper stops too soon charging.
But I'm working on that. :D
It's controlled with the WIRC app that connects with the Dension through wifi, which sends signals to the Wild Thumper. These signals controls the motor's and the LED's.
The servo motor is directly connected to the Dension.
The vehicle will later be used by the Company Cofely to ride in ducts and inspect
cables or even take something with the gripper in unreachable places.

We are doing a competition with our project. So could you please like this page https://www.facebook.com/wattsup.nl and vote for our project http://woobox.com/8uv6bi/vote/for/2991407. Make sure that the checkbox is green! :D

Thank you very much

You can follow us on fb www.facebook.com/Inspectiewagen


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6 years ago

Yes thank you very much, I already made an instructable post off this.
But I also made this forum for the charge problem off the batteries.
So that if a person know the answer that he can reply to this.


6 years ago


Great idea - im working on a internet controlled car too!

I think you meant to upload an instructable, not a forum post.... Click create at the top of the page, and select Create New Instructable - then post it!