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instructable PDF download problem Answered

every time i try to download a pdf of a file it comes up as 0kb. why won't they download anymore? i have a paid account too if anyone asks?



8 years ago

I would also check to see if I could download PDF's from another source. In other words make sure its working correctly on your end. You can uninstall and reinstall Adobe reader, getting the newest version direct from their web site. Adobe has been the target of some attacks lately and they have put out a number of updates. They might have gotten installed incorrectly and need to be redone.
In order to keep from being embarrassed its usually wise to assume its a problem with your system first before you start looking for other causes.


8 years ago

You'll get a better response from Staff (on Monday or later) if you post this as a bug report. You may want to skim over some of the recent bug reports with PDFs to see if your problem is already there.