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instructable images not displaying Answered

Hello, for the last couple of days images are not displaying when I'm on the instructable site. When I navagate down to the individual instructables the images are fine but no images display on the summary pages.

I've tried Firefox and Safari on my Mac but both act the same way. I'm going to try from a PC and see if that works.

This is annoying to say the least.



8 years ago

Thanks for the tip. After rebooting the DSL modem all of the images are back. Thank you.


8 years ago

I have that problem as well, intermittently. It's not a problem on the server side, but rather with my (your) ISP. If you are able to check your router diagnostics, you may find that your network speed is down, or that you are getting a lot of dropped packets (doing a |ping| can show that as well).

One thing to try in this situation (and no, I don't work for tech support :-) is to power-cycle your router or cable modem or whatever you use to connect to the Internet. Leave it off for at least a full minute, before turning it on again. That delay should cause the server to time out, so when you bring your router back up, it will connect to a different (and probably better performing) server.