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instructables iOS Crashing on me! (Part 2) Answered

Nine days ago, I posted on this forum about the instrucatbles App. that crashed while I was working on my iPod Touch 4, here.
I decided to erase the instructables app. from my iPod Touch 4.
Then download the new one from app store. And I tried to edit my instructables "A Journey of Palm Arduino Kit", (The same instructable that I had the problem on my iPod which I recreated on my PC). that I saved in my instructable page.

I was able to edit  other instructable that I created earlier. (See Video)
But when I tried to load and edit the "A Journey of Palm Arduino" it crashed, as appeared on the video.

So I just want to let you know that the problem still exist, even though, I used a newly download instructables app.
I was not sure that it was the content of my instructables or there was a bug in the app?


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7 years ago

Thanks for the details, and the video. We're looking into seeing if we can replicate this on our end and investigating a solution.