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invert polarity? Answered

Hey guys, please could you help me? 
i trying to do external battery pack to run pedalboard with 4 effects. As far as i know Boss pedals have center negative type of connection. Can pls somebody explain what does it mean? Whether it means that leads are inverted positive goes to the sleeve and negative to the tip? Or tip has to receive negative voltage of minus9V?

thanks !!!!


Yorkshire Lass

Best Answer 2 years ago

I have no idea what a pedalboard is, but I assume you're talking about some type of electronic device running on DC power supplied via a jack plug. Centre negative means what it says: the centre (tip) of the plug needs to be connected to the negative of the battery or DC power supply and the outer to the positive.


2 years ago

Thank you! it's just what i needed. Thanks for help