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is it legal to sell potassium chlorate and perchlorate in Australia? Answered

hello i am starting up an online store,
and two of the products which i wish to sell , are potassium chlorate and perchlorate, however, i do not know, nor know where to find out, what the restrictions are on selling perchlorate, and what licensing ill need  to ship potassium perchlorate, by courier.
i have already checked, and i am allowed to ship them, however im not sure about the restrictions on selling them and if i need permits for them, since they can be used for rather naughty things!

also, what restrictions apply to iodine crystals, as i plan on selling it too, or must i just report every sale to the proper authorities?



7 years ago

Try asking local trading department - In general materials that may make explosives tend to be restricted.

Can You buy them in Aussi?


Answer 7 years ago

darn, its just that chlorate is so easy to make but perchlorate isnt.
perchlorate is fine, but ill see if i can get some kind of safety disclosure or contract or something, which sends all liabilty to them, and i only accept responsibilities if they use it as guided which is for oxygen generation . if they do anything else with it, they take all responsibilities!

there are some heavy restrictions on distributing precursers to explosive compounds, but my local labtech and chemical supply house sells it publicly, so clearly there is a way to sell it legally!


7 years ago

Just one thought: You may also want to check with a lawyer regarding what your liabilities are if someone decides to go after one of your customers in court -- the question may not be only whether you can sell the stuff, but whether a jury might decide you bear any responsibility for what they do with it. That's case law, not book law... and for this reason and others you should probably consider getting business insurance. (And if nobody will sell same to you for that business at a price you can possibly afford, you might want to take that as an implied warning that they think you're taking big risks.)

Expect a lot of attention from the police even if you are legally able to do this, since they're going to be worried that you're stockpiling unstable chemicals for your own use. Your local zoning board may also have something to say about it.

Good luck....