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is it okay to use graftobian liquid latex to make a one time use mold? Answered

i am planning on making a mold but im only going to use it once, the problem im facing right now is that the only latex i can find in town is theatrical liquid latex, or "graftobian liquid latex". I am only planning to use the mold once so im not really worried about the durability, the only thing i am worried about is if the latex will be able to capture all the details without warping. I don want my pull to look like a monster when my master key is a helmet.
 this guy used liquid latex to make his mold, problem is that he didnt specify which is good and which is bad:  http://www.xrobots.co.uk/ironmanhelmet/



8 years ago

I very much doubt that you'll get the kind of results you want. Latex for makeup effects and latex for mold making are formulated very differently. Latex for skin is much thinner and lacks the tensile strength of mold making latex. You might be able to get a passable result if you have a whole lot of the graftobian latex and can build up tons of layers, but better to track down the proper materials in the first place.