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is it possible to hack into a computer if there are no open ports? Answered

me and a friend are arguing over this subject i say no he says yes but hes to stupid to know how so if anybody could tell me if you can or not that would be great




Best Answer 10 years ago

1.If you exclude physical contact to the computer and define "no open ports" as being effectively offline then; No I don't see how that is possible. There are ways of retrieving information from such a computer by "listening in". For instance it's possible to intercept and view the screen if it's a CRT and also some data tends to slip out of the electric socket if you know how to do that. I don't think that is what you mean by hacking the computer though. 2. If the machine is merely offline and you can get to it physically there are any number of ways to retrive data from the harddrive, plant software or hack passwords. 3.If by "no open ports" you mean only the standard ports are open then there are offcourse e-mail viruses, software worms and other goodies but these are seldom specifically targetting one machine but rather they fish for them.


9 years ago

If a computer has no open ports, then a remote hack is impossible. However, a worm or virus could still get in from a physical drive or port. (Don't let shady figures slip floppies into your computer.)

However, a computer has a port open for internet, (port 80), one for mail, etc. So, a computer without ports would, realistically, only be used in special applications.

Therefore, the answer is no, although closing all ports is usually not a good idea.