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is it possible to make lightning gloves? Answered

a friend of mine is offering me big bucks if i build him  a pair of lightning gloves which would shoot large sparks or lightning from one glove to the other.

now because ive never built a voltage multiplier befor ei would like to know if theres any problems with my idea which is

i get a  small 12v battery pack for racing car
i connect that bttery (with a resistor ) to a transformer
i then make a voltage multiplier with hv capasitors and diodes to multiply the voltage until a certain voltage is obtained. however i do not know how hoigh the voltage should be so that it is not lethal, but can jump at least one meter from one glove to the other.

also as a safety precaution a large copper wire suit should be worn which me and my friend used on my uncles high voltage vandegraf generator whish shot 20m lighnting at us in our loighting suits ontop of our diving suits , and we never felt a thing.

anyways, can you please tell e the specs of everything i will need to acomplish my mission?


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