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is it possible to print a text on a white wall by a reverse layering process..? Answered

I have a large white wall...part of an art project I am trying to implement involves printing a text of this wall...such as:....How it Works
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How can it be done, in a smart, inexpensive and professional way.....
A friend just talked to me about this .."reverse layering process.."...would it be appropriate?


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11 years ago

reverse layering - I dont exactly know what process that is - its easier if you have an account so you can reply. If you're implying a type of paint-vinyl stencil-paint-remove stencils...that wouldn't be hard Create patterns out of tack to your pattern, paint the wall the text colour, apply decals, then paint the background colour. Peel off the stencils before the paint hardens and you've got nice crisp letters on the wall!