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is it possible to root my sam-sung intercept (sprint) with the froyo update? and what about flash player? [answered] Answered

is it possible to root my samsung intercept (sprint) with the froyo update?
what really pisses me off about this phone is that it has NO flash player at all. ive tried installing it from the adobe website, Googleing "flash plater 10 for 2.1", and looked throughout the market. its not there (i thought it is there for 2.2 froyo but NOOOO this phone has to be horrible). also moved the app from "downloads" to "tunnybrowser> app_plugins" nothing works any suggestions?

can anyone offer me some simple rooting and flashing this phone? also, will writing a sudo command in the "ROOT" folder work? it seems like i can. using this phone it so far seems i can "create" a folder in the ROOT folder. will this work or will it brick my phone?

using some apps from the market, i discovered my phones CPU does not go higher than 199MHz. this REALLY UNPLEASANTLY PISSED ME OFF. NO WONDER WHY MY PHONE IS SO DAMN SLOW!

how do i increase it to the 800MHz it was rated for? and what would happen if i tried to over-clock it to 1 ghz?



8 years ago

Its possible, like most root exploits you have to pay close attention to the procedures.



Answer 7 years ago

(update, i have finally rooted, custom ROM, and kernels) still, no flash player, even after copying the flash_for_21.apk straight to /system/app. >:/ oh well... (no overclocking or hardware acceleration ether)


8 years ago

well, i can. i found some instructions. also, i think i will just wait to upgrade my phone. to one with a faster, higher quality CPU, and a better screen quality (240-400) res. suck!


Answer 8 years ago

i also know of some helpful apps to overclock, i saw a few people do it to speed up there phones