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is it possible to use old nokia phone as an bluetooth phone? Answered

first of all ,english isnt my native language so im not perfect in it

my question is

is there any possibility to use old nokia phones as an bluetooth phone receiver?

im using xperia z5 and i got two nokia e71 with me

what i actually need is a method to use old nokia phones as an blueetooth headset..



1 year ago

Bluetooth is a packet protocol that uses a very extensive coding algorithms beyond an ordinary phone packet protocol as an example bluetooth_simple has 127_different disconnect_cause codes...

Bluetooth is a short range communications method and heavily software orientated programming not implemented in the Nokia until the,

  • "Nokia N80"

    "and European Versions. Nokia originally announced the N80 as supporting Bluetooth 2.0, however it was released with Bluetooth 1.2. Therefore, the N80

    8 KB (533 words) - 06:07, 5 September 2017"

  • "Bluetooth Low Energy"

    "communication range. Bluetooth Smart was originally introduced under the name Wibree by Nokia in 2006. It was merged into the main Bluetooth standard in 2010 a 30 KB (3,377 words) - 22:38, 28 September 2017"

  • To answer your question you will need an N80 or more recent Nokia phone and possibly some understanding how to elicit that you want to communicate with a nearby bluetooth receiver that is linked into a radio cell tower... But do not expect cell to cell tracking as you travel because of BT short range...