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is it true u can really transport electricity Answered



9 years ago

Read up on Tesla some too. Back in the day, he didn't transport wireless power over short distances. He transmitted SERIOUS power over medium to long distances. He started building a tower which he was going to use as the transmission point for free electricity to the world, or a chunk of that. Capitalism didn't take it well.


10 years ago

Yes, it is. Do a quick search for "inductive charging", and you will find examples of how it works. It's most commonly used in electric shavers and toothbrushes, because it can be a completely sealed electrical connection.


Answer 10 years ago

newer stuff coming out is a charging pad and 'antenna' that fits on your cel phone so it charges when you put the phone on the pad. I want one :D to author: Yes it works. The wacom drawing tablet is another example - there are no batteries in the pen or mouse, but it runs off the wireless power. (it needs some to send pressure information as digital packets)