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is the arduino stuff easy... im a beginner in electronics n pic? Answered

i saw many interesting projects using this arduino... it wud be nice if some xpert cud giude me while i engage myself in my first arduino project



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10 years ago

I've just started in arduino myself, I come from a programming background and wanted to get started in electronics, I've found it very easy to get started with heaps of resources out there.  The Ardiuno website has lots of examples to work though. I'd reccommend one of the arduino starter kits as it's got lots of bits to play with.

I was amazed at how quickly and easy I could get things happening.


11 years ago

The arduino kits, like most microchip starter kits are good places to start using microchips, but if you're new to electronics, you might want to start with something simpler.

Try a few basic circuits with op-amps and logic gates as a base, and work up.

Or see if you like programming for microchips by finding a c programmer and compiler for your PC, (note c not C++). I'm sure someone may suggest a better one but Eclipse was the first result google gave for "c IDE".