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is the ipod touch worth buying? if it is, which one, the first or second generation? Answered

I was thinking about buying an itouch. I already have a 4gb zen but unlike the itouch, it cant hold apps or alot of videos. I was thinking of not spending over $200 (U.S.) because i only have about $100 now and money is pretty hard for me to come by. Well, is it worth buying?


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11 years ago

I have a first generation iPod touch. I use it as a mobile entertainment center, internet terminal and PDA. I have ADHD. This thing is a godsend. It keeps me from getting bored and it reminds me where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to do when I get there. It's probably more useful than Adderall. lol If I were to buy one, today, I'd get one with speakers. It's a pain to carry extra speakers when I let my 5 yo daughter watch cartoons on it. In my experience, these things work best with a Mac. My Vista64 PC does NOT handle this thing well at all. But when you plug it into the Mac you experience that Apple magic that you just can't explain to people who haven't experienced it. It's ridiculously easy on the Mac and kind of a real pain on Vista. It worked well on XP as I recall. You might want to pick up a Mac mini on ebay or craigslist to use as an ipod doc. Either way, the iPod touch is great. Get one. You'll enjoy it. Good luck.