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is there a decent-ish nintendo64 clone i could use for portability conversion? Answered

been looking for a Nintendo 64 (first pic, quite obviously) for a conversion project, but i don't want to use an official system for it, cus they are what they are. so i remembered when i was shopping for a new NES ( i got mine from my grandma, and it almost never works. no reflection on her, but more a reflection on the connectors used in the system) and i saw a few that were not made by Nintendo, one specifically that i saw, was the Retro-Duo (Second Pic) which can hookup super-Nintendo cartridges, and NES carts. so after i remembered that, i thought that an N64 clone would be good for a conversion experiment. anyone got an idea as to where to find them? i searched eBay, but nothing came up but clone-wars stuff



Best Answer 7 years ago

There aren't any 3rd party n64 consoles. However there are n64 emulators available for other portable systems.

If you want to make a portable of any type, using the original hardware is usually the best way to go if you want complete compatibility. If you haven't visited http://forums.benheck.com you may want to. There is an abundant wealth of knowledge there.

Good luck!