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is there a way to extend really small ribon cables? Answered

I took apart a digital camera and I need to extend the cable for a specific function I'm working on. Is there a way to do that? It has 12 cords and is 1/4" wide and flat as paper.




10 years ago

Any wire can be extended by splicing on a longer piece of wire. You can use more than one wire if you don't have enough conductors like lan cable or a spare IDE computer ribbon cable. The problem here is that you need a strong connecting point to join the new piece of wire. The internal ribbon cable sounds like it is one of those flat mylar plastic printed circuit cables which hopefully has an end connector on it. You can probably make an adapter by finding a corresponding female/male socket for the endplug and try splicing the wires from there. You might even build a small circuit board to enlarge the traces going to the pins of the socket. Trying to attach or solder wires directly to the circuitboard in the camera would be difficult without precision soldering tools. Good luck.


Reply 10 years ago

You can search header/connectors on these big electronic supplier catalogs, having the measurements of the piece would help narrow the parts search. digikey.com, jameco.com, or mouser.com