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is there a way to install windows 8 on an external hdd? Answered

I want to try out windows 8 but I don't have enough disk-space on my laptop to install it.
So I want to install it on an external harddisk(USB) but those mean people from microsoft won't allow me to:
when I try to install windows 8 in windows from "sources/install.exe" I get an notification that I can't install windows 8 on a usb device.
Does anyone know whether this notification is bypassable or not?
Thanks in advance



Best Answer 8 years ago

Using Acronis true image you can setup windows 8 on an internal drive then clone the disk and apply the backup on the external usb hard drive.Then you have to use an app like easy bcd (neosmart) to make your external device appear in the boot menu.Thats all.


8 years ago

From what I've heard, there isn't an way to do that. You could, however, remove the hard disk from the USB hard drive enclosure, stick it into your computer, install Windows 8 on your new extra internal hard drive, and add an extra boot option to let you boot it up. There's probably more to this, but if there is, I'm too lazy to find out. Have fun!