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is there a way to make a DIY zune car dock station so that the head unit would control the zune? Answered

i currently use a 3.5mm jack. i would like the song to appear on the head unit as well.



8 years ago

You'd probably need a micropcontroller which talks the Zune's control protocols on one side and the car head unit's protocols on the other, translating back and forth... but that presumes you can get all the documentation for exactly how to talk to both (Microsoft is somewhat notorious for underdocumenting their interfaces, and I doubt the auto sound companies are any better), that the Zune exposes all the necessary data (I honestly don't know whether it does or doesn't), and that you have the programming skill to write the adapter code.

In other words, be prepared to do a lot of research -- both in looking for documentation, and in experimenting to fill in the gaps in the documents. And that presumes you already have the programming/circuitry skills needed to tackle the job.

Possible? Yes. Worth the effort? I think you're going to need to do a lot more investigation before you'll be able to answer that, and it's really going to depend on how important this is to you.

Dr. Pepper

8 years ago

can we get some more info?