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is there a way to make a pop-up cd rack that uses 12v and a motor? Answered

I want to build a few pop-up parts for my pc station. One of them being a CD rack that stacks the CD's vertially and can, at a push of a button, raise itself up through the hole in my pc station, and back down again (see the pop-up kitchen spice rack). I know this is probably achievable given that there are many motors that will run on 12v, but i cannot work out how it would lift or how it would stop at the maximum height before it comes up against the edge of the desk etc.



Best Answer 10 years ago

use a dpdt rocker switch connected to the motor.

use this link to wire the motor.

I would then use a rack & pinon setup on the motor. the motor would get a gear, and a flat piece with gear spokes on it would be mounted on the popup piece.

Any mpre questione, just ask.


Answer 10 years ago

Thanks thats cool. I also found a web site that allows me to create a rack and pinion template so that i can print out and create on of my own. Coupled with a 12V motor from bay i should be on my way to a pop up cd/dvd rack at a push of a button. Watch for the instructable!


10 years ago

be sure to put more info of the build here!