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is there a way to mod an original xbox with just a router, a pc, and ethernet cable? Answered

see i have both an xbox 360 and an original xbox... i want to be able to stream files from my pc to my original xbox like i do with my 360 (using a program called TVersity)... my xbox has never been opened or tampered so therefore no mod obviously... i dont trust myself with technology and i dont want to ruin the xbox in anyway... i got rid of all games for my xbox and have neer been able to find an action replay so thats out of the question... an i dont have a credit card so i cant just get one from ebay.. i dont know any modders personally... basically if someone can please tell me at least how to get my pc to even acknowledge that the original xbox is in the network that would be the biggest help


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10 years ago

making an action replay is quit simple just search for it